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Welcome to Our Site!

Hi, I'm Loboinu

I was named after my GodDogFather Lobo. I like the name Snuggles too better than the others my masters and their friends were coming up with: they almost called me D.O.G. or Pupper, but mom hated it as much as I do--thank goodness! I love running around and going for rides. I also love playing with Mommy GreyWolf.--she's cool, but don't tell her I said so. I also would like to thank tropicalwolf for bring me to my mommy Greywolf if it weren't for her I would not be here she is my GodDogMom. I think she is grrrreat. I love all my human friends.

Hi, I'm LoboWolf aka Don aka papa aka Nashoba Iki.

                                     SHINING  STARS   

Now that you know a little bit about me Loboinu/snuggles and you already know my GodDogFather Lobowolf and my GodMother Tropicalwolf. Lobo and I would like to dedicate this section to you. All the wolves who help those who are hurting and have not asked for anything in return.  This is mine and Lobo's way of showing how much your help is apprecated. There can only be one wolf of the month, but to us you are all SHINING STARS. Kodos to all of you for careing so much and useing your time to help others who are hurting. You do these hearts proud. Please keep the pack alive. Many thanks to all of you from Loboinu and my GodDogFather Lobowolf. We love you ALL.

My Home

Tonight is the first anniversary of sweet little blue eyes shishi. Beloved baby of Shewolf/Linda and Lobowolf/Don. 

We join paws in celebbration of ShiShi's life her strenght and all she taught us about not giving up. We will walk with you papa Lobo and try and help you through this night. We do this out of love for you and Shewolf.

This is for tropicalwolf/cath_hermsmom. It is with great sorrow that we do this tribute to her for she has lost another one of her babies. We are so sorry for yet another loss and we all send out prayers to you to help heal your hurting heart. Remember that we will always be here for you and that we love you.

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